Cycling England is an independent, expert body funded by the Department for Transport and backed by key Government departments and cycling organisations. It is promoting the growth of cycling in England through championing best practice and funding cycle training, marketing and engineering projects.

Launched by the Minister for Local Transport in March 2005, Cycling England replaces the previous National Cycling Strategy Board (NCSB).

The NCS Board was founded in July 1996 to oversee the delivery of the National Cycling Strategy (NCS). The central target of the NCS was to quadruple the number of cycle trips (on 1996 figures) by 2012.

The NCSB was responsible for the recommendation of day-to-day policy, advice and guidance to local authorities and Government Departments. Today, Cycling England carries out this role with the support of its team of expert advisors representing key Government departments including Health, Transport, Sport and Education.

The regionally-based English Regions Cycling Development Team (ERCDT) supported the NCSB. Working with local authorities, the team maximised the success of local cycling strategies and initiatives. It helped local authorities, schools, primary health care trusts, public transport operators, employers and cycling groups to communicate and work together.

Cycling England's team of experts within the Local Authority Cycling Advisory Team is continuing this work, focusing on and sharing best practice from six key towns over the next three years.

The ERCDT's reviews of local highway authority performance on cycling, carried out in 2003 and 2004, can be viewed [here]

Cycling England is built on the foundations laid by the NCSB, to meet its target of getting more people cycling, more safely and more often.


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